16-Jan, 2024 - morning links, etc.

links, etc ISP Column - January 2024 addresses are sloshing around in the economy a little more than i would have expected. some great reading if you’re into the monetization of numbers making the internets tick.

January 16, 2024 · steve ulrich

14-Jan, 2024 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 171: The Conservation History Of George Washington Carver With Mark Hersey this is one of the best episodes of this podcast that i’ve heard to date. there’s so much to unpack here and so much follow-up reading that it genuinely deserves. from the primacy of economics in so many things, to the post-civil war impacts on the environment because of the primacy of economics to the push for and against self-sustainability....

January 14, 2024 · steve ulrich

10-Jan, 2024 - morning links, etc.

links, etc Opinion | Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard On the High Stakes of Low Quality - The New York Times less, but better. this is really where we need to land on things overall. i’ll admit to buying into the patagonia hype a bit. on the other hand, few things have lasted as long as the stuff i’ve purchased from them over the years. it’s a bit of a well earned premium and if it’s in serviceable shape they’ll buy their stuff back....

January 10, 2024 · steve ulrich

07-Jan, 2024 - morning links, etc.

links, etc 10 Things Software Developers Should Learn about Learning there so much good stuff in here. i’ve only poked at formal learning processes but these are solid glimpses into we need to remember when learning. not quite what i was expecting, but fun. #learning

January 7, 2024 · steve ulrich