• dumb money (2023) - watched this on the plane. if you remember this time, it was bonkers and kind of beautiful at the same time. (4/5)
  • the gentlemen (2019) - watched this in the plane, guy ritchie definitely has a style. fun, solid cast, a couple of novel twists. (3.5/5)
  • please don’t destroy: the treasure of foggy mountain (2023) - watched this on peacock. i fell asleep through a chunk of it. i honestly couldn’t tell you the plot. i’m mostly just noting it here so i don’t subject myself to this again.
  • jules (2023) - is this a movie about an alien or getting old? kind of thin, kind of amusing. i’m not sure it was worth the $5.99 we paid to rent it.
  • 3000 years of longing (2022) - i’ll admit, i’m a bit of a tilda swinton fan. this was clever, fun and didn’t leave you waiting for it to pick up at any time. definitely recommended.
  • freelance (2023) - when you’ve seen pretty much everything in the delta lineup that you can stomach already. well, you’ll watch this. it was amusing.


or whatever we’re calling episodic streaming these days.

  • monarch: legacy of monsters (apple tv+) - solid, honestly curious to see where this goes.
  • slow horses: season 3 (apple tv+) - it’s pretty rare for a series to get better as it goes along. this has been so much fun.
  • ricky gervais, armageddon (netflix) - meh. there were a few nuggets in there. clearly he’s riffing on the whole woke thing here. some of this was clearly pretty half-baked and one has to assume that he’s sanded things down before he get out there on tour with this content.
  • true detective: season 4 (max) - 2 episodes in, totally hooked.