over the course of the past year i’ve more or less been forced to move off of emacs and onto nvim. the positive impact on my fingers and hands has been huge. but the retraining of years of muscle memory has been more than a little painful. i’m still getting my vim mojo, but i think i’m more or less 80% as productive as i was previously.

recently, i noticed that with the move to nvim 0.60 there was a a change in the operation of Y. my fingers have been trained to treat this as a yank of the full current line, regardless of position on said line. with 0.6 this was changed to the equivalent of y$. this would yield surprising results. in terms of mapping consistency with C and D this makes sense.


  • yy is the right thing to do here. retrain the fingers.
  • also subscribe to the following issue. this contains a rundown on breaking changes to nvim that might be a good starting point for research if/when modifications to the defaults have been made.

now to figure out why my snippets stopped working in markdown files.


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