an interesting breakdown on police death stats. the code is definitely worth checking out. the original source for this information is available as a CSV.

The near-stability of the rate of people killed by police in Democratic cities is a success when compared to the increases in Republican cities, but it is a failure in relation to the overall goal of ending the death of civilians who interact with the police. This data is consistent with critiques of liberal police reform that describe it as a futile cycle: in this view, reform is always an aesthetic transformation of the police, whose aim is to renew the legitimacy of the police after a scandal, while doing nothing to address the oppressive nature of the institution. Inevitably, every reform is followed by new scandals, which lead to more reforms, and the cycle repeats. The stagnation of policing death rates in Democratic cities seems to be a perfect representation of this tragic loop.

this is an interesting conclusion to reach. it would be interesting to compare the rates of police deaths against the population in the citiies listed here as well.



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