if the DFL’s really being honest …

this is dark, but pretty much nails it.

“Fraser argues that it’s misleading to think of business as being uniformly on one side or the other of the war between right-wing populists and limousine liberals. What he calls “family capitalism,” run by dynastic owner-operators, tends to be right-wing (think of Koch Industries); corporate capitalism, with its credentialed and salaried managers, is more liberal (think of Apple Inc.). Businesses in the Sunbelt tend to be to the right of businesses in the Northeast and Midwest.”

“The current leaders of the Democratic Party know their form of liberalism is somehow related to the good fortune of the top 10 percent.”

“Innovation was the driving force behind [the] new era, sometimes personified by Wall Street, on other occasions by Silicon Valley. The place where the magic happened was “the ideopolis”: the postindustrial city, where highly credentialed professionals advised clients, taught college students, wrote software, cracked mortgage-backed securities—and were served in turn by an army of retail greeters and latte foamers who were proud to share their betters’ values.”

Can We Have a ‘Party of the People’? (nybooks)