items dislodged from my reading queue of particular interest.

first off - if you don’t have the morning paper in your RSS reader, you should.

nerd bits

  • slacker: fast distribution with lazy docker containers - what happens behind the scenes when you type docker run. i’ve scratched my head aplenty over the operation of AUFS and the complementary machinery around docker volumes. lots of dots get connected here.

  • borg, omega, and kubernetes - the most recent ACM queue article from the borg crew re: container scheduling at the GOOG. imho, worth reading for insights into some of the kubernetes design decisions alone.

    i’ve been poking at container networking in more detail than i expected i would ever have to. linux networking has come a long ways over the past 10 years. it’s an interesting rabbit hole all unto itself. still, container networking is a gnarly bit of application mapping trade-offs with some interesting control-plane considerations for those prodding this stuff from the networking space.

  • parallel graph analytics - i can’t seem to pass up an article about graph analytics these days.

  • the 12 factor app - i guess this is a manifesto of sorts, but as a network guy it’s interesting to me to see some of the application packaging developments and perspectives. totally worth the read to keep abreast of developments in this space if it’s not your natural habitat.


  • The Rise of White-Segregated Subsidized Housing - a really thought provoking review of publicly funded affordable housing. ever wonder how those artist coops you crawl through with an overpriced glass of wine get funded? you might not like the answer.

  • archangel, william gibson - yeah, that william gibson. summary corrupt politicians, time travel or dimensional shifting, i’m still not clear and world war ii … could be fun.

  • black panther, ta-nehisi coates - i’m a fan overall of his work, though i don’t know that i “get it”.