since i’m in kind of a pissy mood anyways …

i’d like to thank you for making me waste a solid 45 minutes fixing various and sundry pointers because you decided that moving everything from /Developer to /Applications/ was a productive way to facilitate an “upgrade”. this results in all sorts of unexpected behaviors. like oh say, an inability to find stdio.h.

some quality time with xcode-select and its associated manpages as well as some judicious googling seemed to result in the appropriate behavior. but i’m not entirely sure that i have the right switches in place. in the interests of saving someone else this hass. the following worked for me.

% sudo xcode-select -switch \

note, that one would expect the following to work as well, but interestingly some stuff tries to sniff even further into the directory hierarchy and points at a number of 10.7 specific SDKs. these are not picked up by the CLI tools.

% sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/

i suspect there’s deeper magic i need to divine in order to make sure that i really haven’t screwed something up here. but at least my stuff is building complaint/warning free.