i just whacked a nascent relationship with shelfari. i had poked at shelfari a year or so ago, but i was non-plussed with the manner in which i could interact with my “bookshelf”. in poking around various facebook applications, i was looking for something that would have some interesting integration with the social networking component from a reading perspective. it would have been nice to simply export my reading list from delicious library into something that would facilitate sharing my library with friends and family.

my thought here was to simply use the shelfari to FB integration and do a fresh export of my delicious library into shelfari and link the shelfari profile to FB. done.

no dice. first my shelfari profile required some serious scrubbing to eliminate a bunch of stuff that i’d eliminated and new acquisitions. this proved to be an exercise in we’re just going to keep your stuff data grabbiness by shelfari. after a moderate amount of swearing i was able to get this resolved.

then i tried to import my library. turns out that they’re not used to libraries as large as mine? i find this shortsighted but splitting the library into 3 chunks w/vim seemed to get it to accept the first chunk of the import. then i was presented with what looked to be screen after screen of cover art verification. although i was never really given the opportunity to test that theory. after i hit “next” to proceed to the next it just crapped out on me. apparently importing just 18 books. that sucked. at this point i had no interest in proceeding any further.

the reviews for the FB application aren’t particularly plussing either. i’ll cut my losses while i’m still ahead. feh.