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  • The conspiracy theory economics of Bitcoin – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

  • The Real Source of America’s Rising Rage – Mother Jones

    i’ll save you the slog, mother jones blames fox news.

    still, there were a few nuggets.

    So how does QAnon, the great liberal hobgoblin of the past year, measure up? It may seem historically widespread for such an unhinged conspiracy theory, but it’s not: Polls suggest that actual QAnon followers are rare and that belief in QAnon hovers at less than 10 percent of the American public. It’s no more popular than other fringe fever swamp theories of the past.


    A 2016 internal report states that “64% of all extremist group joins are due to our recommendation tools … Our recommendation systems grow the problem.”


the best thing i’ve read on afghanistan in the last week. the hard truth.

Biden was right, in the end, to bite the bullet and refuse to pass this conflict on to yet another president. His execution of this resolve, however, looks to be a tragic and shameful mess and will likely be a case study in policy schools for years to come. But there was no version of “Stop the forever war” that didn’t end with the fall of Kabul. We believed otherwise, as a nation, because we wanted to believe it. And because we had shopping to do and television to watch and arguments to be had on social media.

Afghanistan Is Your Fault - The Atlantic