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2024 media diet

movies dumb money (2023) - watched this on the plane. if you remember this time, it was bonkers and kind of beautiful at the same time. (4/5) the gentlemen (2019) - watched this in the plane, guy ritchie definitely has a style. fun, solid cast, a couple of novel twists. (3.5/5) please don’t destroy: the treasure of foggy mountain (2023) - watched this on peacock. i fell asleep through a chunk of it....

January 1, 2024 · steve ulrich

2024 books

goal 30 books this year. let’s get crackin' books liberty’s daughter (naomi kritzer) what happens when you’re living on a libertarian sea-stead? this is a fun bit of world building where libertarian ideals are allowed to fester to their logical conclusions. the limitations of the invisible hand, the likely devolution into some form of slavery for those who aren’t wealthy and have problems. unregulated medical care, having to hire private security to just go about your day-to-day business, and all sorts of goodies....

January 1, 2024 · sulrich

losing snow

my winter climate malaise this article, “The feeling of losing snow”, in the the atlantic hit a little close to home for me. this has been an unseasonably warm winter for us. to be fair, we’d been expecting a little warmer weather this winter. el nino had us expecting that it would be a bit warmer than usual. but road biking on christmas day in Minnesota was not on my bingo card....

January 14, 2024 · steve ulrich

2023 books

books the high sierra: a love story (kim stanley robinson) i’m a recent convert to KSR’s stuff. i’ve loved all of it and this is no exception. this is the first bit of non-fiction i’ve read by him. honestly, i don’t know if he has more. having done a limited amount of hiking in the sierra’s, i was hooked and burned through this faster than i expected to. a book like this makes you question your life decisions....

December 31, 2023 · sulrich